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XI Class 2015-16 Admission through Release Slip

The authority has published the circular for admission into XI class through release slip. All students can admit into the colleges by this process. Students who did not get chance in first and second phase can apply through release slip for admission into the colleges for higher secondary education. This year has introduced the online system application for admission in this stage. As it is a new process for all concern some unexpected matter have raised in this regard. But it’s a fair system for admission into the colleges. Hope from the next year this process will be more peaceful and effective, students will admit into their desire college with a hassle free process.
XI class Admission
According to the Education Ministry and the Dhaka Education board the deadline for applying for admission into XI class through release slip is 09 Jul, 2015 to 10 Jul, 2015. Students who did not apply before will be eligible for application in this phase. And the students who did not get chance at any college in the first and second time, they can apply for admission in this stage. The students can apply for maximum 10 colleges as based on the vacancy in the colleges. For apply in this stage students do not have to pay any application fees.

The students can apply through online by mobile SMS. They have to apply with using the application ID and the password having through the SMS. The students who did not get the application ID and password because of using by other can get the application ID and password through SMS. For this they have to send their soft copy of SSC admit card, registration card to [email protected] with noting the roll no, board name, year of passing and mobile number. By reviewing the application will inform the Application ID and password through the mobile SMS.

Therefore, in this process the candidates for XI class admission have to complete their admission process.

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