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SSC Exam Result Bangladesh

The SSC exam result is one of the important issues for the students who appear the exam every year. There are thousands of students sit for the exam of secondary school certificate in the each year from the whole country. The SSC exam was the first public examination for the students before starting the primary and junior school certificate exam that was introduced a few years ago in the country. In Bangladesh, the secondary school study and its final examination are the most vital, because it is the foundation for further study of the students. There are thousands of secondary schools in the country. Among them, some are government and some are private. And these schools provide the junior and secondary level of education. Students get the education of science, humanities and the business subjects. In this regard the secondary school certificate exam is the quite significant for the students as well as for their parents and teacher.

In Bangladesh there is the education system that has five stages. It starts with the primary education and the tertiary education is at its peak. Beside the general education process, there are some other aspects of education. The Madrasa education, various technical and vocational education facilities are available in the education system of Bangladesh. The common initial education level of education is the primary education. After completion of the education of the year five, the now the students have to sit for a certificate exam that is called the primary school certificate exam. Then the students complete their junior level of education that end with the completion of the education of the year eight. The most important SSC and the equivalent, SDC and the technical education of this level end with the year ten and students sit for the secondary school certificate exam and its equivalent. After passing the school certificate exam, they complete their two-year higher secondary education in different colleges in the country. Students who make a good result in the higher secondary can admit for graduation in the country’s universities, medical colleges, and general colleges or into the technical colleges and universities. In this level they complete their graduation and post graduation. And very few students do their further study with the doctoral degree or research work.

SSC Exam Result Bangladesh

SSC, Madrasa, Technical and Vocational Exam Result Bangladesh

Among the different level of education, the secondary school education is imperative one. At this level of education, students make them fit for higher secondary and further education. After ten years of study, the students appear the secondary school certificate and get the SSC exam result. That’s why the students, and the all concern remain intense about the SSC exam result. Some years in the political turmoil the exam result publish in delay and then the students do more tension, because this may hamper their education life. They cannot admit into the colleges in time for higher secondary education. So, getting the result of SSC in a certain time is quite necessary for the students and all the concern.

Beside the SSC exam result Bangladesh, the equivalent exam results publish at the same time. The Madrasa students and the technical education students also wait for their exam result. Generally with the secondary school examination, the equivalent exams hold in the early March of the year. Some time the exam may delay because of some unavoidable situation, like the political turmoil. The authority wants to publish the result in three months of completion of the exam.

Sometime they fail to publish the result in time because of political instability. After getting the SSC exam result the students try to admit into the different colleges for higher secondary education and equivalent.

There are several education boards for supervising the education of the secondary school level. Beside the general education boards, there are the Madrasa education board and the technical education board of equivalent education. The education boards supervise the schools whole the year. There are eight general education boards in the country. They also control the whole education system. The education boards, print and publish the exam question, run the public exam and publish the exam result accordingly. After passing the exams, students get the certificate and the most important duty of the education boards is the issue of certificates to the students. After publishing the SSC exam result, the students get the SSC certificate and the equivalent students of education get their exam certificate from their education board.

Publishing of the SSC exam result is most critical. The Prime Minister Office is also a concern here. Formally the Prime Minister of the country publishes the most important SSC exam result. Before that the Education Minister generally handover the result to the Prime Minister. After publishing the result by the honorable Prime Minister, the Education Minister does a press conference in the office of the secretariat for declaring the details of the SSC exam result and the minister also publish the equivalent results. On the same day the result keeps available on the website of the education boards and the website of the Education Ministry. The students are also able to get the result through mobile sms.

In summary, the SSC exam result is really an important matter for all concern. The students need to do a hard study for long ten years for getting the SSC exam result. All concern also does a hard job for holding the public examination. The education boards play most vital role in holding the SSC exam in a peaceful situation. After completion of the exam, they work in publishing the result timely. The parents and the teachers do their highest hard job behind the students to make them fit for this competitive exam. And the government authority always tries to keep a stable situation in the country, especially at the time of SSC exam.

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