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Primary School Teacher Transfer Instruction, 2015

The Primary and Mass Education Ministry has declared an instruction for transfer process of the government primary school teacher. On 05 Jul, 2015, Sunday, the School-2 section of the ministry has declared the instruction regarding primary school teacher transfer which will be called ‘Government Primary School Teacher Transfer Instruction, 2015’. By declaring the new instruction, the old rules, regulation, notice and order has been canceled. The newly nationalized primary school’s teachers also will come under the new instruction.
Primary SchoolTeacher
Generally transfer will be within January to March of the year in the same Upazila, inter Upazila, inter district, inter city and inter division. If it is not possible the transfer processing within this timeline and have the logic behind it, transfer is possible with due permission of the authority of the ministry. But if any post of the head teacher do vacant due to retirement Divisional Deputy Direction can transfer within his territory and Director General of the Primary Education Department can do it in respect of inter divisional and inter city corporation transfer.

The District Primary Education Officer, Divisional Deputy Director is the authority for issue the transfer order within upazila, district and division. The primary and Mass Education Ministry is the super authority to transfer the primary school teacher at any time and anywhere for the well being public interest.

For transfer an assistant teacher can apply for the transfer if newly appointed teacher already fulfill the service duration at least 2 years. They will be eligible for transfer within upazila, zila and division. But if any post is vacant within the time the transfer is possible against the vacant post. A teacher can make reapply for transfer if he/she already spent one year after the first transfer.

Authority can transfer the primary school teacher due to administrative necessity, for coordination, enclosing transfer and transfer for marital cause. And transfer is also will possible in the serious medical ground.

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