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HSC Exam Result Bangladesh

The higher secondary certificate or HSC exam result is one of the most important issues of the exam candidates, parents and all other concern. The HSC candidates become anxious about the result on the eve of its publishing. In the education system of Bangladesh, the stage of higher secondary is one of the vital one. After completion of this stage, students go for higher study as they desire. In this regard the HSC exam result and the study of the higher secondary level is quite significant.

The higher secondary is the most critical stage in the education system of Bangladesh. But the students start their education from primary level, where they now need to appear the primary school certificate exam. The primary school certificate exam is the first public exam for the students in the education system of Bangladesh. Then they complete the secondary school education and after that admit into the higher secondary. The tertiary education starts after the higher secondary education. In this stage they complete their graduation degree. For starting the stage of graduation, the HSC exam result Bangladesh is so important one. For getting chance in the level of graduation, the students have been facing huge competitive exam that is called admission test. A student who does very well in the admission test and whom higher secondary result are excellent, only they get chance to admit into the college and universities for their higher education.

Among many other public examinations, the higher secondary certificate exam is most remarkable. By studying at this level, students complete their college life of education that is significant in building the career of the student. By making a good result in the secondary school certificate exam, the students admit into colleges for achieving their higher secondary level of education. There are thousands of colleges where the students study the pre graduation study. In this respect, the higher secondary education and the HSC exam result are significant to the students and the parents, as well as all other concern.

HSC Exam Result Bangladesh

HSC, Alim and technical Exam Result Bangladesh

Beside the higher secondary level of education, there are some other educations in this level. The Alim education and the technical education are notable among them. Under the Madrasa board the Alim education and its exam held every year. There is also a technical education board and technical colleges in the country from where the students get the vocational and technical education. Along with the HSC exam result, the result of Alim and technical education exam has also been published on www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. The exam of the Alim and Technical education is held at the same time of HSC exam.

There are several secondary and higher secondary education board in the country. The HSC and its equivalent Alim and Technical education exam held under the country’s education boards. There are eight secondary and higher secondary education board in the country and the Madrasa board and technical board. The countrywide college function under the education boards and the Alim education exam held under the Madrasa board and the technical education exam held under the technical board. The education boards supervise the education of the colleges, take the exam and publish the result. The equivalent educations are also controlled by their respective boards.

The Ministry of Education of Bangladesh controls the whole education system. There are some other government bodies under the education ministry. Among other the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is notable here. The education boards also do their function under the ministry of education along with other government body. The ministry publishes the HSC exam result with involving the Prime Minister’s office. The result formally publishes by the Prime Minister after handing over the result to the prime minister by the minister of the Education Ministry. The chairmen of the different education boards remain present in the result hand over and publishing program. After formally publishing the result by the Prime Minister, the Education Minister declares the details of the HSC exam result through a press conference at the secretariat. After that the result publishes on the website of the education ministry and the education boards. Students can get the result by browsing the website. The result also can get by mobile sms. The Education Ministry also looks over the function of the education directorate and the education boards. The directorate of the secondary and higher secondary education provides the technical support to the colleges and other higher secondary level of educational institutions.

All the organization’s concerns with the higher secondary education actively function for publishing the HSC exam result. Generally the HSC exam held on the March /April of the current year and the ministry and the education want to publish the result with three months of the completion of the exam. For political turmoil, sometime the result does not publish within the stipulated time. But government tries to publish the result timely. In publishing the result within a tentative time all the concern government institutions, including the education boards work together. For holding and publishing the HSC exam result in a peaceful political situation is quite necessary. And also a proper coordination among the institutions concern with the higher secondary education and with the publishing of the result of higher secondary certificate exam.

Therefore, the higher secondary education and the higher secondary certificate exam as well as its publishing of the result are the issue for whom all concern is conscious about it. The timely admission in the higher education depends on the timely publishing of the higher secondary of the HSC exam result and its equivalent. In respect of considering the importance of the result of HSC exam, the education ministry, education directorate and the education boards do function very actively. And because of their combined effort, the result publishes in the stipulated time every year.

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