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Government Colleges under National University

The ‘Jatio Shikhok Kormochari Oikyo Front’ has urged to keep the country’s government colleges under the National University as it is now. The leaders of this front demanded not to transfer the colleges under the regular other public universities. Recently the government has declared that the government colleges of the country will go to the different public universities. Only the private colleges will remain under National University.
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The colleges of the country were under the country’s various public universities before establishing the National University for controlling and supervising the graduate and post-graduate level of education. The public universities were the Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Rajshahi University and the Khulna University and all the colleges, whatever it is private or government, were under the universities.

After establishing the National University, all the colleges have gone under it. For a better system and maintain the quality of education, recently the government has taken initiative to transfer the government colleges under the country’s public universities and the private colleges remain under the National University. But the teachers and the employees of government colleges do not want this change. They want to be kept under the National University.

They said that if the government will go under the public universities will create the discrimination in the education system and will appear new problems. In this regard, the teachers and the employees of the government colleges have organized press conference on May 23, 2015 at the National Press Club. The Convener of the front Principal Asadul Haque has delivered his speech at this press conference. He stated that by reforming the National University keep the government colleges under the National University.

The front has urged the government to allocate 20% of the national budget, including other demands and declared the program of human chain and giving memorandum to the prime minister through the Deputy Commissioner of the districts.

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