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Education System in Bangladesh

There are five levels of education system in Bangladesh. And from the beginning there are three sectors in the education system in Bangladesh. Most part of the education in Bangladesh if free of cost or with the government subsidized. The primary and secondary levels of education are totally free of cost. In this regard the education in Bangladesh is growing so fast.
education system
There are three main stream of education in the education system in Bangladesh. These are General Education System, Madrasa Education System, and Technical Education System. There is also a professional education system in Bangladesh.

The education system in Bangladesh has five levels. They are the Primary level of education, junior level of education, Secondary level of education, higher secondary level of education and the tertiary level of education. There are hundreds of school and colleges across the country for primary, junior, secondary and higher secondary education. And for tertiary education there are public and private universities in Bangladesh. Beside the school, college and the universities there are lot of Madrasa, vocational and technical educational institute in the country.

For the tertiary education there are 37 public around 80 private and 3 international universities in the country those have been gearing up the country’s higher education system. Students can also take their education on charter accountancy, engineering, technology, agriculture and medical education from various specialized educational institutions.

In the education system in Bangladesh, the cadet college education system is another special one. There are several cadet colleges across the country in higher secondary level of education. The public and private medical colleges have been playing a vital role in the education system in Bangladesh.

Therefore, in Bangladesh there are multi stream in education system. This diversification of the education system is developing and increasing the country’s literacy rate.

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