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Class XI Admission Time Extended up to 26 Jul, 2015

The authority has extended the time for admission into Class XI up to 26 Jul, 2015. By this time the first phase of admission process has been completed. The students who have not admitted into any college and the students who did not apply before can apply for admission in the second phase. Students can apply in this stage without paying any late fees.
XI Class Admission
The Education Minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid expressed sorry for hassle in the first time introduced admission process. He hopes that from the next year will not repeat the same thing. In a press briefing in the meeting room of the Education Ministry of the secretariat, the Education Minister said it’s a pain for development and have taken the responsibility of hassle. He noted some technological limitations and was lack of skilled manpower. He informed there were 11 lac 56 thousand and 224 students applied for admission in to the Class XI and in the first phase 9 lac 23 thousand and 105 candidates already have admitted into different colleges.

The Education Minister said in 4 phase the students will admit into the Class XI. In the first stage from 29 Jun to 02 Jul, 2015 has completed. The students who could not admit by first merit list and will be selected for second merit list can apply by 06 July. And they will admit into 7 and 8 Jul, 2015. Students who did not admit even after selected for first merit list and who were not selected for the first time, they can apply for admission on 09 July and 10 July without any late fees. On 11 July will publishe the result and 12 July they will admit. In next stage students can apply for admission within 13 to 21 Jul, 2015. The result will be published on 23 Jul, 2015 and the selected students will complete their admission process within 25 and 26 Jul, 2015.

Therefore, by this process all of the student will get the chance to admit into Class XI.

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