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10 Steps to Improve the Education of National University

The authority of the National University of Bangladesh has recently stated that to improve the education of the university there will take various steps. There are hundreds of colleges under the National University and the opinion of the specialist is that the quality of the education of the colleges of the National University is not so good. The University Grant Commission (UGC) is also not happy with the education quality of the university. In this situation the university authority is going to take some effective measures to improve the quality of the education.
National University
Among other measures, the class presence will be compulsory in more than 2 thousand colleges under the University for increasing the education quality. There are 25 lacs students in the colleges and the university authority taking step to improve the quality of teaching for the students. Besides this, the authority is taking many more steps and hope that by these initiatives the session jams also will be decreased shortly.

The concerns with the education process of the National University opined that holding the irregularities in class, crisis of a skilled teacher, lack of teacher training, poor examination system is the cause of less quality of the education of the university. The report of the UGC has shown that the graduation quality of the National University is not satisfactory and expressed depression about the quality of education.

The University is going to take the following measures;
1. Centrally monitoring the education activities
2. Using the regional centers to supervise the education activities
3. Teachers training
4. Strictness on class presence of the students. Increasing game and cultural programs
5. College ranking based on the result
6. Determination of the ratio of the students and teachers in the class
7. Keeping the students within the infrastructure of the college
8. Selection of 70 best colleges from country’s 7 regions
9. Publishing text books by taking central projects
10. Amendment of teachers appointment process and making crystal clear the transfer and promotion of the teachers

Therefore, it is hoped that the steps will be helpful for increasing the quality of the education of the colleges under the National University.

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